The Jillian Challenge

Well, we've given ourselves a challenge for the summer. On top of training for some triathlons this summer, we thought we'd throw our bodies for a loop and try Jillian's 30 day shred. We've completed the first week, and let's just say....it hasn't gotten easier yet! We have high hopes to start P90X, but we've got to conquer Jillian first. It is a sight to see John talking back to Jillian as she kicks our booties for this strength training workout. We'll see what happens in the first 30 days of this. If John shreds 20 lbs I'll be a little worried, but it wouldn't hurt for me to!=) We've heard some really good things about this workout, and I really would recommend it to anyone wanting to do something quick every day or every other day! Only 20 minutes...but she doesn't let you slack for one second of those 20 minutes! I just wish Bob from Biggest Loser had a quick workout video like she does. Jillian scares me! =)


  1. you go~
    jillian skeeeeers me!! :O)

    tickled to connect with you in bloggyland~

  2. I have this video and she kicks my butt still to this day!! I love it though..I also have 2 others of hers. One is nothing but cardio and one is nothing but weights both 40 min..very difficult, but good!