Lord of All

So, with it being the summer, I have had a lot of "me" time and Jesus time. I didn't realize how much of this time becomes "grading paper" time during the school year. The Lord has really renewed my spirit this summer as I have spent a lot more time in His Word, and have had a lot of time to myself to reflect. I have realized how important it is to make this time top priority no matter how many other things I feel like I need to accomplish in the day. I have come across a song that one of my buds from high school and college, Kristian Stanfill, has recorded recently. The song talks about how "there is none so high and holy", "You are adored, you are the Lord of all". I think it is easy to make ourselves, or our activities and jobs Lord in our lives instead of making Him truly the Lord of all in our lives. We forget how big and powerful God is sometimes. Even when we don't proclaim His glory, the heavens and nature declare His glory. If we really believe He is Lord of all, the worries of life would be non-existent and the problems would seem much smaller. It's a great challenge to think about each day-are we claiming that He is Lord of all? So, enjoy Kristian's video below.


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